I have been fascinated by computers and software since I saw my first computer at the age of 5. Even in my most distracted periods in my teens, I could be hypnotized infront of a computer for hours. I have studied Computer Science in college and pursued a professional career as a software engineer afterwards for I believe it is the ultimate medium for human expression and impact in the 21st century.

Below are some of my more professional experience building software.


At Testcode we are building new social consumer software. More coming soon.


At VTS I help build a marketplace where companies will find and lease spaces to work. Marketplaces are one of the key components of the human civilization that accelerated collaboration and progress. By learning to kickstart a marketplace from scratch I get to understand the dynamics of marketplaces and that is immensely motivating to me.


Chartbeat is a media software company. I started my journey at Chartbeat as a software engineering intern after my junior year in college and continued after graduation. During my 5 years and a summer at Chartbeat I really enjoyed understanding and learning about the media industry while building software that's used by every major newsroom around the globe.

Carnegie Mellon University

After my sophomore year in college I spent my summer at Carnegie Mellon University doing a research internship. During this internship I developed a mid-layer api that helped translate visual input into code for a complex robotics programming framework so that kids could easily learn to program robots.


During my junior year in college, there was a wave of anonymous social apps. Secret, Whisper, YikYak and more were taking the tech world by storm. I built and launched Opensea. Instead of using location to group users into feeds we used their college email extensions. This way we aimed to capture the users during spring break and summer vacation while other apps became virtually useless. We had a quick hit in various college campuses however I decided to shut it down as I saw misuse, bullying and legal issues happening to other apps. Anonymous social networks didn't turn out to be an idea that caught on, but this was a great and fun experience for me from all technical, product and strategy aspects.