Cinema is the art of the polymath. Here is an essay where I explain why I would dedicate my life to cinema if I could only do one thing in life. Luckily I don't have to.

Once upon a time on the Island

I am currently writing the screenplay for this feature length movie. Once upon a time on the Island is the story of two friends who grew up in Burgazada. One of them now lives in New York while the other one stayed in Istanbul. As they go about their magical but routine day on the island and discuss what the island means for them, we explore human's relationship to places and what it means to leave.

In Between

In Between is my first narrative short film. It is the story of Vittoria, an Italian student in New York City. She struggles to feel home, looking forward to be back in Italy soon. However when she returns, she realizes the genie is out of the bottle.

Istanbul is a Daydream

This is a short video I made after one of my regular trips to Istanbul to express the feeling that once I am back in New York City, my trip home seems like a distant dream.

Teaser for AFS Turkey Magazine

Back in 2010 as a team of AFS volunteers in Turkey we started a magazine for our organization. The magazine was to reflect the worldviews and experience of us all volunteers. Each of us had spent a year abroad in different countries via AFS Intercultural Progams. So I came up with this superhero character that travels and reads magazines all around the world before he comes back and creates the AFS Magazine. It is a stop motion animation made out of paper.